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We offer lots of services. From SME’s to partners in large firms. Get in touch to find out about our services.

Management & Support

Most small business owners struggle with time management, with too much to do and too little time in which to do it. At Symphony we will provide you with the right support to free up your time, allowing you to focus on those core aspects of your business that you love the best.

With the implementation of simple and streamlined processes we are confident we will make your life easier and more productive. We can even do some of those time consuming jobs for you – providing you with that valuable extra time to really grow your business.

Planning & Strategy

A successful business needs to have a clear plan and strategy to help orchestrate its true potential.
What do you really want to achieve with your business?
What are your ultimate goals?
Are you putting in the hours from day to day but with no clear direction for the future?
Are you working as effectively as you could?

If you haven’t thought about these points yet, or if you have some ideas but are not sure how to translate them into actions, we will help you achieve this. We will work closely with you to review and refine your existing business plan or help prepare a new one from scratch.


Are you in tune with your target market? Who are your clients or customers? Do they buy from you once or do they return time after time? Do they benefit from the great service or product you provide and do they give you referrals?

Developing your business can be tough and we can help you find and retain the right customers/clients. Developing strong relationships with them is crucial and we can help you to ensure they will think of you first when they require the services or product that your business provides.


How you communicate with your clients will determine how your business will grow. There is a fine line between keeping in touch and bombarding people with unnecessary information.

The first step with existing clients/customers is making sure that you do keep in touch and that you are communicating your message effectively.
With potential new clients/customers ask yourself – am I targeting the right people?
Am I communicating the business in the way that I want it to be perceived?
Not all forms of marketing suit every business.

Working together we will ascertain a marketing strategy that is both bespoke and appropriate to your business.

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